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Madison Fire Department

The City of Madison Fire Department (MFD) is a nationally recognized leader in providing emergency services. They are committed to providing high quality, essential services in their community and throughout the Madison metropolitan area as their resources extend outside the city limits on a daily basis. The Madison Fire Department consists of 14 stations around the Madison area, 9 of which contain 24/7 paramedic level ambulance staffing. The Department is an active leader in EMS, as well as several specialty teams including Hazardous Material, Lake Rescue, and Heavy Urban Rescue. Supplementing the emergency services, the Department provides progressive, cutting-edge fire prevention and community education programs.

All MFD firefighters are licensed as State of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to partner with their paramedics on significant medical calls to provide initial care at most incidents. In addition, there are more than 90 firefighters licensed as State of Wisconsin paramedics.

The MFD has nine paramedic ambulances in service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each ambulance is staffed with two paramedics and on any given day, and throughout the year, the ambulances are the busiest units in the department. Annually, emergency medical calls comprise more than 70% of their overall emergency responses. The MFD provides service to the City of Madison, Town of Blooming Grove, Town of Burke, Village of Shorewood Hills, and Town of Madison and is proud to be the original paramedic-level provider in Dane County and one of the oldest programs in the nation.

EMS Medical Director: Megan Gussick, MD

For more information on Madison Fire Department EMS, please visit: www.cityofmadison.com/fire

Belleville Area EMS

Belleville EMS is a team of dedicated individuals who provide prehospital emergency medical care to residents of Belleville, WI and the surrounding areas. They are the primary 911 EMS provider for approximately 5,500 residents of a 75-square mile district through the operation two ambulances at the Advanced EMT level. Their ambulances are stocked with state-of-the-art medical equipment and safety features, allowing EMS crews to confidently deliver the best emergency medical care to our community. The Belleville EMS team consists of a full-time department Chief, 2 part-time Assistant Chiefs, several part-time Advanced EMTs, and around 30 volunteer EMTs and Drivers. Their team works together to provide exceptional service to our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Belleville EMS continuously gives back to their community through activities like Public Safety Night, Belleville Pool Lifeguard training, and providing scholarships to qualified high school students.

Medical Director: Michael Spigner, MD

For more information on Belleville EMS, please visit: www.bellevilleems.org

Brooklyn Fire & EMS

The Brooklyn Fire & EMS District is a professional Fire and Emergency Medical Services provider for citizens of Dane, Green and Rock Counties in South Central Wisconsin. Brooklyn volunteer firefighters and EMTs answer emergency 911 calls in these areas. They stay up to date with state training requirements, train new volunteers, maintain the vehicles and equipment and perform countless reporting requirements.

The Brooklyn community created Friends of Fire and EMS to help support these volunteers with non-emergency activities such and fundraisers, Bill’s food receipts drop box, and “Rescue Kids” youth programs. Brooklyn Fire Department was initially established as a single fire station in 1906 until 1967, when a larger, multi-bay station was constructed housing the fire and all equipment, including the new EMS, which was established on July 1, 1996. This station continued to serve the needs of the department until the current station was built in 2007.

Medical Director: Michael Spigner, MD

For more information on Brooklyn Fire & EMS, please visit: www.brooklynfireems.org

Fitch-Rona EMS

Fitch-Rona Emergency Medical Services paramedics are among the most highly trained and dedicated found within south-central Wisconsin. They provide an aggressive approach to EMS including incorporating the latest technology into their services and training as well as delivering high quality emergency prehospital care. Fitch-Rona EMS proudly serve the Cities of Fitchburg, Verona, and the Town of Verona. They also provide countless paramedic intercepts to other EMS services in south and southwestern Dane County. Their EMS service consists of three stations that house full-time paramedics 24 hours a day, 7 days per a week.

Fitch-Rona EMS also gives back to their community in unique ways other than emergency transport. This can be seen through the implementation of their community improvement projects which include the placement of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and the development of a medical bike control.

Medical Director: Michael Mancera, MD

For more information on Fitch-Rona EMS, please visit fitchronaems.com

Middleton EMS

Middleton EMS is the exclusive 911 advanced life support ambulance provider for a designated geographical response territory that includes the entire City of Middleton, Township of Middleton, and a portion of the Township of Springfield. They are dedicated to bringing compassionate, life-saving medical care to the streets, homes and workplaces of our residents and visitors thus making their community a safer and healthier place to live. Middleton EMS prides themselves on their involvement with their community members. The building of constructive relationships within the community has created a working environment that encourages equitable treatment and contribution by all. Their service provides countless contributions to the community such Car Seat Check, Bicycle Check, and frequent visits to the local schools for educational and safety trainings.

Medical Director: Michael Mancera, MD

For more information on Middleton EMS, please visit:

Sun Prairie EMS

Since October 1977, Sun Prairie EMS has been proudly serving approximately 35,500 residents within a 46.5 square mile radius, which includes the citizens of the City of Sun Prairie, the Town of Bristol, as well as the surrounding communities. Over their 40-year history, they have grown from a volunteer service to a full-time career agency and are pleased to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency medical care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The paramedics at Sun Prairie EMS are dedicated professionals, committed to providing the best possible care to their patients, and taking on great personal sacrifice to do so.

Sun Prairie EMS consists of two stations located around the Sun Prairie Area serving the City of Sun Prairie and Town of Bristol, as well as neighboring areas. These stations house full-time career paramedics 24 hours a day, 7 days per a week who respond to approximately 3,000 calls annually. Sun Prairie EMS promotes the values of integrity, dignity, and excellence and prides themselves on not only serving their community with an effective emergency response system, but also public education, outreach, and support.

Medical Director: Michael Lohmeier, MD

For more information on Sun Prairie EMS, please visit: www.cityofsunprairie.com/267/EMS

Waunakee EMS

Waunakee Area EMS is a highly trained and dedicated emergency medical service providing 911 medical care to over 20,000 citizens in the Village of Waunakee, Village of Dane, Town of Westport, Town of Dane, and portions of the Town of Vienna and the Town of Springfield. In 2020, their service was increased to a paramedic level service, the highest level of care available in the pre-hospital setting. Not only does Waunakee Area EMS provide their community with emergency response, but they also deliver proactive training activities such as CPR, Stop the Bleed, and Basic First Aid to all members of the community.

Medical Director: Michael Lohmeier, MD

For more information on Waunakee Area EMS, please visit: www.waems.net

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