Planning Fourth Year

Applying to Residency

Residency applications are submitted though the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Materials needed for a completed ERAS application include: MSPE, medical school transcript, three letters of recommendation, personal statement, Step 1 of USLME, and your CV. Application materials should be ready to be turned in by September 15th. Programs typically begin sending interview invitations mid-October. Before you submit your application make sure to double check that all information is correct and proofread your materials carefully.

For application instructions specific to the University of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine Residency Program visit the application section of our website.

There are many advising resources available. Check out the Student Advising Task Force’s Applying Guide.

Ranking & The Match Process

Students applying to residencies in Emergency Medicine are entered into the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). NRMP collects rank order lists from both the applicants and the participating residency programs and then a computer algorithm matches students with programs based on their rankings. The Match is a binding agreement, meaning that once matched you must go to the institution that you matched with.

How many programs should you rank?

We recommend that you rank 12 programs. Why?

  • If you rank 10 programs you have a ~95% probability of matching
  • If you rank 12 programs you have a ~97% probability of matching
  • The mean number of contiguous ranked programs for matched applicants: 10.8
  • The number of unmatched applicants: 4.9

Explore the NRMP’s Match FAQ