Advanced Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship receives three-year accreditation

The Advanced Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship at the BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine has received three-year initial accreditation from the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council (EUFAC), and our first cohort of accredited fellows will graduate from the program in June 2022.

Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography (AEMUS) is clinician-performed, bedside ultrasound or point-of-care ultrasound performed by emergency physicians. These ultrasounds are incorporated into clinical care during emergency care and focus on critical conditions or procedures. Fellowships in AEMUS train providers in the latest ultrasound techniques. AEMUS fellowships are not ACGME-accredited fellowships, but accredited through EUFAC.

Graduates from EUFAC-accredited programs can sit for the Focused Practice Designation (FPD) exam through the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) if they are ABEM diplomats.