Dr. Jeff Pothof discusses mounting deaths from suspected hypothermia in Texas

Dr. Jeff Pothof, an emergency physician and Chief Quality & Safety Officer for UW Health, contributed to an article by the Associated Press reporting on suspected deaths from hypothermia related to severe cold which caused mass power outages last week across the South but heavily concentrated in the state of Texas. Per the article, “With the snow and ice clearing in Texas after days of unusually cold temperatures, bodies are being found of people who likely froze to death as they struggled to stay warm after electricity was cut to millions of homes.”

Dr. Pothof discusses how the body responds to cold exposure, including affecting the brain and making it difficult to recognize what’s happening and take potential life-saving actions. Read the full article .

The article was picked up by over 500 media outlets, including ABC News, US News, and The Washington Post. An emergency physician from Northwell Health in New York City was also cited for this article.