PBS Wisconsin: Dr. Marin Darsie responds to Wisconsin in-person voting

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PBS Wisconsin: Emergency and critical care physician Marin Darsie, MD, was interviewed after Wisconsin held in-person voting last Tuesday, April 7 despite attempts by the Governor to move to all mail-in voting. Dr. Darsie says social distancing practices and Governor Tony Evers “Safer at Home” order were working but is concerned exposure during statewide in-person elections may lead to more cases in the coming weeks, delaying Wisconsin’s “peak and potentially lead to more deaths from severe COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Darsie is a passionate voter advocate and heads a project, in coordination with a growing groups of emergency departments nationally, which hopes to start a new initiative that offers patients, visitors, and staff the opportunity to register to vote. This nonpartisan emergency department based voter registration program is called VotER.

The full article and video interview are available here.