PGY3 residents present at Senior Scholarship Day

Congratulations to our senior residents for successfully presenting their scholarly projects during our annual Senior Scholarship Day on June 11, 2020. As invited grand rounds speaker and surprise guest judge Lainie Harris, MD, MCR of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) said, they “knocked it out of the park”!

Dan Ritter, MD took away the top presentation honor, but the impact that all of our soon-to-be graduates have made is commendable.

A list of their scholarly presentations is below:

  • Josh Buehler, MD & Eric Ohlrogge, MD
    “A meta-analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of MR imaging from accute appendicitis in pregnancy”
  • Eric Collins, MD
    “Trauma entrustable professional activities (EPA) and change management”
  • Emily Fleming, MD
    “Maggots, mucous and monkey meat: does disgust sensitivity affect case mix seen during residency?”
  • Alok Harwani, MD
    “Positive screening for rigors is strongly correlated with bacteremia in patients with suspected infection”
  • Rosalia Holzman, MD
    “Improving asthma care in a small academic pediatric emergency department”
  • Corlin Jewell, MD
    “More than just being polite: the value of thank-you communications after residency interviews”
  • Ilan Kolkowitz, MD
    “ED code sepsis: which patient factors lead providers to expedite sepsis care?”
  • Michelle Lum, MD
    “Integration of POCUS in clinical decision making for medical students”
  • Erik Morrow, MD
    “Improving follow-up for patients discharged from the ED with a possible fragility fracture”
  • Daniel Ritter, MD
    “Assessing residency applicants’ communication and professionalism: standardized video interview scores compared to faculty gestalt”
  • Katie Ulrich, MD
    “Misunderstanding the match: do students create rank lists based on true preferences?”