Shapiro Summer Research Program faculty mentors, students, projects announced

A cohort of first-year medical students were matched with three emergency medicine faculty mentors for the 2022 Shapiro Summer Research Program. The Shapiro Summer Research Program provides opportunities for medical students to participate in eight- to 12-week summer research projects with UW-Madison faculty members. Funding for the program comes from the Herman and Gwendolyn Shapiro Foundation, with additional support from the School of Medicine and Public Health departments, centers, and investigator grants.

Below, a list of the participating emergency medicine faculty, the medical student(s) they will mentor, and the title of their research project(s).

  • Collin Michels, MD – Tommy Schneider, “Evaluation of provider approaches to caring for patients with opioid use disorder in the emergency department,” with co-faculty mentor Elizabeth Sailsbury-Afshar, MD, MPH (UW Dept. of Family Medicine and Community Health)
  • Michael Pulia, MD, PhD – Alexandra Center, “Working on his thermal imaging project; effect of skin pigmentation on clinician accuracy and certainty of cellulitis diagnosis”; Noora Reffat, “Effects of COVID-19 on antibiotic prescribing practices and directions towards resiliency building”
  • Ryan Tsuchida, MD – Neema Mbele, “Exploring individual characteristics and job description of emergency medicine diversity, equity and Inclusion leaders”