Department of Emergency Medicine physicians and staff present at 2024 Critical Care Congress

Faculty, residents and staff of the BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine will present at the 2024 Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) Critical Care Congress, to be held from January 21-24, 2024, in Phoenix, Ariz.

The conference is the largest, most diverse global community in critical care and aims to explore the extraordinary advances being made in the treatment of critically ill and injured patients. SCCM has been a recognized leader in multi-professional critical care education for over 50 years.

Departmental presentations will include:

  • Now what? The Impact of a Pragmatic Post-Cannulation Checklist for ECPR Patients, by Carey GE, Dollerschell J, Rubel N, Koch J, McCarthy D, Glazer J.
  • Pour Some Suga On Me – Sugammadex Following Rocuronium RSI in Critically Ill and Injured Patients, by Conterato JC, Arrigo RT, Hekman DJMcCauley MTGlazer J.
  • RT-driven time-outs prior to terminal extubation improve institutional OPO performance, by Constantakis J, Osman F, Ostrander K, Allen S, Walbrun A, Glazer J.