Residents compete in annual SonoGames ultrasound competition at SAEM22

We’re buzzing with excitement to congratulate our residents who competed in the annual SonoGames competition at #SAEM22 last week! “The BEE Lines” just might wear these sunglasses all summer long. Congratulations to Johnny Duan, MD, Michael Fareri, MD, and Rudi Zurbuchen, MD, as well as faculty team captain Hani Kuttab, MD.

SonoGames is a national ultrasound competition in which residents demonstrate their skills and knowledge of point-of-care ultrasound in an exciting and educational format. Over 300 emergency medicine residents battle it out in front of hundreds of spectators to prove they have mastered the skills to become SonoChamps.

Kudos to our team for completing several unique challenges and for putting together some very creative costumes.