Madison Fire ambulances, community paramedics to carry Buprenorphine

Starting today, the City of Madison, WI Fire Department will carry Buprenorphine on its ambulances and community paramedicine services, under the medical direction of Megan Gussick, MD, clinical associate professor at the BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine.

The FDA-approved medication is safe and effective for treating acute opioid withdrawal symptoms and ongoing treatment of opioid use disorder. The agency is among a small number of EMS agencies in the nation and the fourth in Wisconsin to carry Buprenorphine, highlighting the department’s commitment to a forward-thinking approach to addressing the opioid crisis locally.

“Our vision extends beyond mere crisis intervention; we aspire to facilitate a life-changing intervention for individuals teetering on the brink of mortality due to overdose, guiding them towards a path of recovery,” said Dr. Gussick.

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