Medical Student Education

Emergency Medicine Curriculum

Phase 1 students – All students rotate through our department as a part of the Upstream from the ED experience in their first months of medical school.

Pre-clinical students are eligible to take part in a short-term summer research experience with mentorship from Department of Emergency Medicine faculty.

Phase 2 students – All medical students in this phase complete a rotation in Emergency Medicine as part of their Acute Care Block.

Phase 3 students – Students may opt to undertake a four-week Advanced Elective rotation in emergency medicine.

Diving Deeper

Through the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG), students gain exposure to emergency medicine by participating in high-yield, hands-on workshops that focus on teaching critical skills, including airway management and bedside ultrasound. Students involved in EMIG also have opportunities for EM-specific advising and career panels directly from faculty and residents.

UW ForWard Curriculum

What Current Students Say

At the core of a student’s experience on any rotation is a great experience with faculty. Here’s what medical students had to say about working with Emergency Medicine faculty:

“The faculty provide directed teaching that promotes individual responsibility for patients while filling knowledge gaps and challenging me to think critically.”

“They excel at creating a comfortable environment with strong teaching and clear expectations and allow learners and trainees to develop their own style of practice under expert tutelage”

“They’re allowed me to have autonomy during certain patient encounters and be hands-on with patients while offering great learning points when discussing differentials and treatment plans.”

Beyond the Classroom

Student Electives & Selectives

The Department of Emergency Medicine provides several courses outside of its clerkship that are popular with students with interests even beyond emergency medicine. Search and enroll via the UW Course Catalog.

  • Intro to Prehospital Medicine & Systems (330-911)
  • Guatemala Health Advanced Elective (330-912)
  • Wilderness Medicine (330-914)
  • Art and Science of Resuscitation (330-920)
  • Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound (330-958)

Emergency Medicine faculty and residents also participate in the SMPH MEDiC Clinical program to provide health care for the Madison area’s most underserved populations.


Medical Student Education Team

David Tillman, MD

Director for Medical Student Education

Adam Nicholson, MD

Assistant Director for Medical Student Education

Corlin Jewell, MD

Assistant Clerkship Director

Taylor Johnson, MBA


Education Program Administrator

Niki Hagen


Medical Student Program Manager

Ellen Murphy

Education Assistant