Med Flight faculty and fellows present at NAEMSP24, Air Medical Physician Symposium

Dr. Brittney Bernardoni stands in front of a large timeline display of the NAEMSP’s 40 years of history.

Faculty and fellows of the BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine and UW Health Med Flight presented at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicians (NAEMSP) and the Air Medical Physician Symposium (AMPS), a partnership of the NAEMSP and Air Medical Physician Association (AMPA).

The meetings were held in Austin, Texas, on January 10, 2024. AMPS is designed to promote networking and discussion amongst physicians regarding clinical and administrative topics that are applicable to their current practice.

Additionally, Dr. Andrew Cathers, assistant professor (CHS) and medical director for UW Health Med Flight, received the AMPA 2023 Medical Director of the Year award, which is competitive among Helicopter EMS programs worldwide. Dr. Michael Spigner, assistant professor (CHS) and director of prehospital medicine informatics, was also selected for the inaugural NAEMSP & Stryker Emergency Care EMS Medicine Early Career Medical Director Award.

Below are the presentations for 2024:

“Refractory Vasodilatory Shock”
Brittney Bernardoni, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine & Anesthesiology, Assistant Medical Director for Quality, UW Med Flight
“Killing the Dinosaur: A Critical Appraisal of Gravity-Driven Infusions”
Michael Spigner, MD, NRP, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director of Prehospital Medicine Informatics
“Ultrasound for the Win!”
Craig Tschautscher, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
“Driving Pressure in Mechanical Ventilation”
Kate Connelly, MD, NRP, FP-C, Clinical Instructor, Med Flight Fellow
Nicholas George, MD, Clinical Instructor, Med Flight Fellow
“Getting the Finger in the Chest”
Bryce Taylor, DO, Clinical Instructor, Med Flight Fellow
Q and A, Panel Discussion: “Approach to Severe Hypoxic Respiratory Failure in Transport Medicine”
Brittney Bernardoni, MD
NAEMSP New Speaker Forum
Invited speaker: Nicholas George, MD

Additionally, the following research posters were presented at the conference:

“Evaluation of the Accuracy of Gravity-Driven Intravenous Fluid Delivery”
Michael Spigner, MD, NRP; Mikko Sayre, MD; Michael Lohmeier, MD; Craig Tschautscher, MD, MS; Megan Gussick, MD; Michael Horowitz, PA-C
“Emergency Medical Service Providers’ Perceptions of Comfortability, Preparedness, and Role in Providing Care for Mental Health Emergencies”
Sarah Hahn (medical student), Michael Mancera, MD

The National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) was formed in 1984 to serve as a resource and advocate for EMS physicians and EMS professionals. It serves its more than 2,000 members through its commitment improving out-of-hospital emergency medical care.

The Air Medical Physician Association (AMPA) is the largest professional organization of physicians dedicated to rotor wing (helicopter), fixed wing (airplane) and critical care ground transport. With over 400 members nationally and internationally, the Association represents extensive expertise in the field of medical transport. AMPA’s members represent many medical specialties including Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and various Surgical subspecialties.